Windows 95 an higher

Delphi 3.0 and higher


Not available yet due to product takeover.


Price will be announced once shiping version is released.

Pocket Database

Pocket Database is a new non-BDE Database Package for all Delphi versions. It is not a BDE replacement, but a completely new database format designed to be fast, compact, and self-contained in your application. The database is fully network ready with record locking features. Using the included record wizard, you can convert Delphi forms into data structures in seconds. Pocket Database stores its data in standard pascal-style records (similar to "struct" in C),, used extensively in Delphi You should be familiar with this format before using Pocket Database. For more information, search for "record" in Delphi help. Current version introduces a TDataset compatible version for Delphi 3 and higher. This allows you to connect a Pocket Database to a standard TDatasource, which in turn can be connected to any standard DBGrid, DBEdit etc. This method is recommended instead of the included DB-controls if you are using Delphi 3 or 4.

  • No runtime DLLs. Compile everything into your EXE
  • Adds about 100k to your project
  • 32 indexes
  • Network Support
  • Use static or variable sized Pascal records
  • Use virtually any controls on your forms. No need for "DB" controls
  • Use familiar table methods and properties (First, Next, Last, etc.)
  • Automatic checkbox column in our Custom DB-Grid
  • Win32 style DB-Navigator Control
  • File Import and Export methods
  • Record Wizard allows easy editing of fields, or converting Delphi forms into fields
  • Y2K compliant
  • Unlimited EXE distribution license