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Full-featured customer tracking system designed specially for software developers. TrackDesk provides a tightly integrated system for customer tracking, support logging, help desk management, invoicing, licensing, registration coding and more. Single user and network versions are available. .. Check it out


Implement any imaginable set of "color coding" rules for your text in Memo control. Also there are some new properties and methods to control the position of cursor. It also simplifies counting of lines (visible or not) and allows to control scrolling of text. Check it's pages.

Animated System Tray Icon

The component that you can use to add animated icons to the Windows 95 / Windows NT system tray. Click here for more detailed information.


DesignerForms is a group of components that you can use to create custom caption bars for the forms in your applications. You can easily :)
  • Create caption bars of any height
  • Add buttons, graphics and text to the caption bar
  • Create distinctive caption bar backgrounds with transparent graphic tiles.
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Pocket Database

New non-BDE Database Package for all Delphi versions. It is not a BDE replacement, but a completely new database format designed to be fast, compact, and self-contained in your application. The database is fully network ready with record locking features. Current release introduces a TDataset compatible version for Delphi 3 and higher. This allows you to connect a Pocket Database to a standard TDatasource, which in turn can be connected to any standard DBGrid, DB Edit etc. ... Check it out.

Delphi Registry Helper

Lets you view and maintain Delphi settings that are stored in registry. Check it's pages.