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Posted on 30-May-2003

Stop searching for your customer information, GET it from TrackDesk.

A full-featured customer tracking system designed specially for software developers and distributors. Tightly integrated system of support logging, help desk management, email, invoicing, licensing, product registration features, and more. It also includes developer components to deliver instant shareware registration capabilities.

Last chance to order TrackDesk for current price and get
FREE upgrade to version 2.0 when it's released.


coming ...
Order email parser, reports, charts, new invoicing, sent mail folder, todo, reminders, grouping of folders, email templates, improved and added searching capabilities, new and improved TrackPlus key generator and licensing component, 3rd party reg. key generators, manual key entry, online version check and more...


All our products are compatible with Delphi 6.0 and 7.0. Registered customers can contact us directly to receive their updates. Contact Gintaras Pikelis


We are looking for serious people that are willing to test non-public beta of TrackDesk version 2.0.


ColorMemo - Get it for $25 only
Syntax highlighting, Hotspots, Scrolling control.

Animated SystemTray Icon - Get it for $10 only
Animate, Enable and Disable yoSystem Tray, support for all Mouse Events: OnClick, OnDblClick and others.., automatic PopupMenu's without code, solutions for hiding Application on initial start up, "Sticky" menu and "uncluttering" solved.

DesignerForms - Get it for $25 only
Create forms with caption bars of any height, display buttons, graphics and text in the caption bar, customize system menu and system buttons, create distinctive caption bar backgrounds with graphic, built-in RollUp and OnTop buttons.