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Welcome to the listing of software Built With Delphi!

Built With Delphi website is presented by Baltic Solutions makers of TrackDesk. The purpose of this page is to provide a consolidated list of all quality commercial, shareware, and freeware products that have been developed using Borland's Delphi programming language.

If near future we plan to list products built with other Borland products. If you have a site or a product that you would like added to our database, submit it to us, and it will will be added to the listings.

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Fue Hair Transplant Machine Software

We are working with the Hair Transplant Expert device (NEOGraft) to create and manage the software that controls the NEOGraft FUE hair extraction machine - used by today's leading hair restoration surgeons. One of the testing models is operated by Dr. Jezic - the medical director of the Houston Hair Transplant Center in Houston Texas (home page). Dr. Jezic has been trying out the new NEOGraft software for more than 6 months, with incredible patient results.


DesignerForms is a group of components that you can use to create custom caption bars for the forms in your applications. You can easily :)
  • Create caption bars of any height
  • Add buttons, graphics and text to the caption bar
  • Create distinctive caption bar backgrounds with transparent graphic tiles.
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Pocket Database

New non-BDE Database Package for all Delphi versions. It is not a BDE replacement, but a completely new database format designed to be fast, compact, and self-contained in your application. The database is fully network ready with record locking features. Current release introduces a TDataset compatible version for Delphi 3 and higher. This allows you to connect a Pocket Database to a standard TDatasource, which in turn can be connected to any standard DBGrid, DB Edit etc. ... Check it out.

Delphi Registry Helper

Lets you view and maintain Delphi settings that are stored in registry. Check it's pages.